back to school

what a terrific summer! our local rec program had summer camp at the lake. roxy went almost every week for a half day, swimming, kayaking, and playing zombie tag. we went on a cruise which allowed us to get out of the country without roxy having a passport! i’ll chalk that one up to you never know until you know. the 8 day cruise was about 5 days too long but roxy had a blast at kid’s club until about 10 each night.

the trial ended and the verdict will be read in late oct. our social worker quit and that feels pretty devastating. she brought her replacement to our last home visit and she seems nice enough but at the visit this week, we learned the police detail and translator were missing and roxy was transported in another social worker’s car without a carseat nor a booster seat. we have history with no one at this dcf office anymore (3 of our workers have left!) so we’re treading lightly since we know we have limited power. the outgoing worker, who actually matched us to roxy, gave us her cell and email so that felt nice.

roxy’s new school is, in fact, a brand new school. as of today, she has four students in her room (including her). they are funded through the year but it still feels a little worrisome. what takes me 6 minutes to pick up, takes 26 minutes to get there in the morning in traffic. getting us out of the house by 8 is a feat since there were many mornings over the summer when everyone was still sleeping at that time.

roxy learned to snap this summer (both hands!) and to play pick-up sticks. her goal was to learn checkers but we never made the time…argh. she’s had a blast riding her new r*yal baby bicycle with grammy on the bike bath. she’s grown a little bit, too! size 4 bottoms still fall off but i do buy 4 or even 5 in shirts. her feet went from an 8 to a 10 (or maybe an 11(!) according to the nice man at nords.trom). she loves her dog (evidence below). when she falls down she gets right back up and brushes herself off. she’s fearless and her bruised knees show it. she’s probably cried once in the past month and that was from exhaustion after a day of school orientation, a bio-mother visit, and a doctor visit. she tells awesome stories. red and i keep remarking on how her little voice sounds so young. she’s started calling me “mom” (instead of umi) but only on occasion. for example, she says, “i want to be a police officer.” i say, “oh that’s a very dangerous job.” she says, “please mom? i’ll be FINE.” it’s adorable. she started violin lessons and the teacher said she hasn’t seen such enthusiasm from someone so young in a long time. she starts soccer saturday.

of course, with all these new experiences, comes a deeper appreciation for parenting as well. i’m swelling with pride over her. every month or so, we turn another corner (might be good or bad or neutral) but it happens nonetheless. i look at our little girl and think “when did she learn to hold that fork so nicely?” or “how did she learn that word?” and the answer that we taught her never ceases to be surprising. certainly there is a tiny amount of narcissism that comes with parenting (whether your children are biological or not) but it’s a good idea to pat ourselves on the back in between all the humbling moments (and oh, how many lessons have we learned!).

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