Happy New Year (photos)

2013 saw us buying our dream house where we are building new memories each and every day.  After a weekend of the three of us learning how to install a marble tile backsplash (super easy, highly recommended) and a room of crown molding (buying corner pieces means no miter cuts), we’re finally finishing up the wall project we began in August.  Red and I LOVE home renovation projects and while this house didn’t need anything, we can’t help ourselves.  I hope it rubs off on Roxy (who got just what she wanted for Christmas…a wheelbarrow).  Our new puppy comes home in two weeks and we’ll embark on another first of raising a dog.  Roxy is doing really well with her new steroid routine and we’re in the midst of a beautiful blizzard.  In case it wasn’t obvious, these last few months have us falling in love with her on an entirely new level.  She said this morning, “Umi, why do you call me ‘baby?'”  I told her that she’ll always be my baby and I will cuddle her even when she’s grown-up.  Then she said “I’m Mama’s baby, too!”  We still wake up every day and can’t believe we’re finally here.  What will 2014 bring?  We have an appointment at the fertility clinic next week so anything could happen!home

learning how to play + an unending stream of gifts = need for organization

a love for charlie brown christmas treeslittle treee

the start of her jockey careerhbr

way too many home supply sourcing tripsshop

fancy days out in the city

with a healthy balance of tadpole searching in the pond.