living is easy

Roxy loves everything.  Seriously, the enthusiasm she shows for all things is inspiring.  We’ve been loving our weekends at the beach, riding her new bike, shopping for and daydreaming about our new home (set to close in July!).  It’s been mostly drama-free around here (read: no stressful developments with the case).  We had a big milestone this weekend when we gave her the last dose of steroids after her last relapse (which was in February).  Seriously, 5 months to wean?  That’s wild!  We’ve hardly known her not on meds.

Now that my brother isn’t living in my parents’ basement (he moved to California), we’ve been spending more time with my parents.  We invited my mother to watch Roxy at her karate class and she actually came (she’d been rejecting all offers since the toddler bed incident).  We spent Father’s Day (or Papa’s Day) with them and my mother gave Roxy fruit instead of cookies (progress!).  Some turkeys showed up at their house and Roxy and Papa had a great time feeding them.



quick list

noodleroxy calls most people, including her mamas, “honey” right now.  it’s pretty cute.

she’s finally showing an interest in threading.  planning to get some plastic needles and encouraging her try embroidery.  p.s. isn’t her hair terrific?  the clip is intended to keep it out of her oatmeal but 20 minutes later it always looks like above.

i picked her up a balance bike yesterday (hooray for local parents lists) and though we haven’t had a chance to take it outside, she’s loving the test drives on our long hallway.

we still haven’t nailed down a school placement for roxy.  not knowing where we’d be living has made it difficult. perhaps most frustrating is that we got accepted into an integrated classroom in our current school system but moving will mean giving up our spot.    we’re #1 on another waiting list but not too hopeful about anyone giving up theirs.  moving to the country means very few choices and a lack of diversity (so a spanish immersion classroom isn’t going to happen).  i emailed a montess.ori school out there, mentioned my spouse and i and our interest in touring, and received a reply referencing my husband three times.  i get it – she likely meant no harm.  and oddly, i met someone who worked there the following day at an event at the monte.ssori school i used to work at so maybe it’ll work out.

still negotiating “the brown house” (as roxy has dubbed it).  the inspection went well.  we’re a little irked it’s taking so long to come to an agreement for the repairs because the rates went up.  did i mention we’re buying from fellow gays?  when we first viewed it, i saw the busy yet tasteful wallpaper, then a rainbow magnet on the fridge.  finally there was a rainbow flag draped over a beehive (one of the guys is a beekeeper).  needless to say, our letter outing ourselves sealed the offer!  the wallpaper is going away and the brown shall someday become slate grey.  here’s a quick snap of red admiring the barn on inspection day (not pictured: the almost two glorious acres of lovely gardens, a potting shed, and a pond).  so unreal to think this might happen.